Yazan Khalili

I, The Artwork, 2016


Al Ma'mal (The Tile Factory)

Framed photographic print 120 x 79.2cm. Legal consultation Martin Heller. 

I, The Artwork is an artist contract presented in the form of a large-scale photographic print. In its base principles, it is an incisive intervention into the tradition of conceptual art that demands relevance to the context of occupation and colonialism that affects Palestinians and numerous other peoples to this day. The contract, as a Deed of Ownership and Condition of Existence, establishes the moral rights of the artwork at the fundamental categories of ownership, profit and obligation. Crucially, in order to be binding in perpetuity, the moral rights are assigned to the artwork as “I, The Artwork”, rather than to the authoring artist.

Commissioned by Riwaq Biennial with support of Mophradat, presented courtesy of the artist.

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