Drawing Workshop with artist Benji Boyadgian

Young adults workshop (18 +)

February - April 2018, Al Ma'mal

Join us in an exciting drawing workshop to learn foundational skills and techniques of drawing from observation. In every session we will explore different themes and subjects while learning a new area of drawing, including capturing light and shadow, texture, perspective, composition and more.


Sculpture Workshop with artist Shada Safadi

Young adults workshop (18 +)

February - April 2018, Freres School, New Gate

Participants in this workshop gets the opportunity to learn the foundations of sculpture, gaining skills and knowledge in modelling with clay. Various techniques in sculpture, transforming mass structure to 3-D objects and relief carving is learnt. Participants engages in the complete process from sculpting to glazing and firing the final object. 

Experimental Studio Photography Course with Kayane Antreassian

Adults workshop

September - December 2017, Al Ma'mal 

A workshop for multimedia artist, hobbyist and beginner photographers to expand skills and knowledge in photography. The workshop aims to widen knowledge in studio photography through a hands-on experience in a creative environment.

Summer Festival of Cultural Activities

Children workshop

3 - 9 July 2017, Al Ma'mal & Gallery Anadiel

Children joined us from the Terra Santa School and African Community Society every day for 5 consecutive days, taking on visual art workshops with Shada Safadi, sculpting in clay, creating prints, and painting murals, as well as a dance...

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