The Jerusalem Show VI


Wafa Hourani


2012 and ongoing, sculpture and performance

The map of Palestine is grafted in our palms. Called the “great triangle,” the lines were allegedly formed as an outcome of a war between Venus (the life line) and Jupiter (the mind line). Palmistry is usually used to read the future, but Wafa Hourani uses it to reread the past and attempt a slight change in history. He proposes that we carry this war in the palms of our hands, that a geography is also in a sense inscribed in our bodies, and that the border lines of Palestine are actually universal, which makes it more than only a map or a form but rather a site of struggle in our individual lives. 

The final work will be a 7-meter sculpture of the palm and the performance, to be completed over the coming year.

Wafa Hourani studied experimental cinema at the Ecole D’Art et de Cinéma in Tunisia. He works with a variety of media that includes film, photography, installation, performance, music, and poetry. His Future Cities series project Qalandiya 2047 - 2067 - 2087 was exhibited at Thessaloniki Biennale (2007); Sfeir Semler Gallery, Beirut (2008); Saatchi Gallery, Istanbul Biennale; and Disorientation 2, Abu Dhabi (2009); Haus der Kunst, Munich; and The Silk Road, Lille (2010).

In 2012 he presented “Darwin was a Palestinian” in the Voicing Resistance festival in Ballhaus, Berlin; he also participated in the Arrival and Departure show in Ancona, Italy, and in Newtopia: the State of Human Rights, in Mechelen, Belgium.

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