The Jerusalem Show VI


Shahryar Nashat

Modern Body Comedy
Video, 2’45, 2006

Modern Body Comedy combines miscellaneous forms of theatre genres such as drama and comedy, in the process creating artistic situations. Nashat is always interested in the dynamics of human bodies, and he builds up an outrageous tension, which is unpredictably dissolved by a physical incident reminding one of a very popular slapstick element.

Shahryar Nashat is a Swiss artist based in Berlin. His works include videos, photographs, sculptures, and installations that interrogate dramatic structures characterized by an emphasis on display, staging, and rehearsal. The works often give expression to unconscious desires and accommodate the lingering gaze of the viewer. Nashat investigates collections, reproductions of art works, as well as questions relating to appropriation, display, and the apparatus. He uses one mode, form, or medium as a surrogate for another and plays with the sympathetic relationship between these genres.

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