Come join us every Friday night at Al Ma'mal for evenings of music, relaxation and culture.

Darbet Shams

Friday 26.07.2019

8pm | Al Ma’mal


Darbet Shams is a Palestinian musical project that carries a political, social and emotional message, which mimics both Palestinian and Arab reality through lyrics that are critical and sometimes sarcastic.



Friday 19.07.2019

8pm | Al Ma’mal


Carol Farah, Julia Farah and Jeries Saleh, three young artists from Nazareth who play the guitar, cello and the violin. They perform foreign folk and rock songs including ‘La Llorona’ and ‘My Sweet Lord’ as well as original songs written by them.



Friday | 05.07.2019

8 PM   |Al Ma’mal


He is currently running the first Techno record label in Palestine “Harara” and part of the great Radio Nard team. By bringing Techno and Underground Vibes to Palestine and the effort he put in building up this scene didn’t stay unnoticed, that’s what brought him to cities like Amman, Berlin, Beirut, Vienna, and Turkey, Budapest, where his unpredictable yet amazing sets fascinated people every time.

Open Mic

Poetry/Music/Video/Spoken Word/ Performance/ Dance

Friday 21 June 2019 @ 8pm  

Al Ma'mal 

Join us for the upcoming series of Open Mic at Al Ma'mal in the Old City of Jerusalem. We extend our invitation to Jerusalem's creative, talented and artistic community to join us for the upcoming series of events.



Friday 14 June 2019 @ 8pm 

Al Ma'mal 

Darwish is a Palestinian/German artist based between Berlin and Jerusalem. He started his musical career in 1994 and writes music for both Film and Theatre. The band consists of Darwish, Usama Allati, Philippe Jarad and Pierre Taweel. Together, they explore Alternative Rock and combine it with Electro Pop elements to build a soundscape that reaches the fringes of Sufi music.


Darwish – J-Song



Friday 3 May 2019 @ 8pm 

Al Ma'mal 

Maghnatees (Arabic for magnets) is an electronic-Arabian fusion band that combines musicians from Nazareth Palestine and the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Ghassan Birumi with his electro-sufi oud playing and singing; Shadi Awidat with the Bassist, and William Bilan with his Drums, take us deep into their homeland, beyond all barriers with a beautiful blend of rock, reggae and Middle Eastern rhythms transfused underneath electronic elements, ambient effects and traditional Arabic melodic modes. 



Friday 26 April 2019 @ 8pm 

Al Ma'mal 

A concert series played in non-classical venues, that combines performance and lectures in aim to present the classics of the music pieces & instruments in an educational accessible manner.
Musicians: Fadi Deeb and Shaden Nahra. 

Shadi Zaqtan


Friday 12 April 2019 @ 8pm 

Al Ma'mal 


Shadi Zaqtan is a guitarist, composer, singer and songwriter from Palestine. Born in exile, raised in Damascus, Beirut, Amman and Tunis.

His songs are inspired by the daily lives of the Palestinians and produced for the common citizen. He writes his lyrics in classical Arabic, colloquial and Bedouin dialects from poems of Palestinian and other Arab poets. His first album “About a Country” was released in 2008, the second album “Singing at the Checkpoint” in 2013.

Mazaj Ensemble


Friday 5 April 2019 @ 8pm 

Al Ma'mal 


A Palestinian musical band that was established by a group of Jerusalemite youth in 2014. Its its melodies are arranged by mergin artistic production mixes between Arabic and Western classical music, andg these two musical styles in one unique frame that reflects a new artistic reality which is a vibrant extension of civilizations that left a cultural and musical impact on Palestine centuries ago.

The music is composed and arranged collectively by the members and founders of the ensemble: Jiries Boullata (Piano), Maral Khoury (Qanoun), Osama Abu Arafeh (Oud), Mohammad Ghosheh (Violin) and Abdelsalam Sabbah (Percussion).

Mazaj is inspired by the distinctive humanitarian circumstances; its music derives from the agony of the daily Palestinian sufferings, nonetheless, the instill confidence of a better future full of hope. This is reflected on the creative melodies using a unique Jerusalemite accent symbolizing the majestic Jerusalem walls, and the holiness and sacred shrines. “Music speaks louder than words” When the language of speech breaks down music becomes the food for the renewable soul in search for truth, life and peace. And when night settles in its tranquility, dreams and aspirations seek shelter. This is exactly the place we want to be in and aspire to achieve.



Friday 29 March 2019 @ 8.30pm 

Al Ma'mal 

Palestinian-Jordanian Rapper/Singer, The Synaptik, is pioneering a new wave of sound for the Arab youth. His honest and potent lyrics are highlighted by his song-writing style that merges singing and rapping effortlessly. The Synaptik has collaborated with numerous artists all around the world, but his collaborations with regional Hip Hop heavyweights solidified his status in the Arab region.

With shows in Jordan, Palestine, Egypt and Lebanon under his belt, as well as his debut album "Om Al Mawjat" with an all-star list of guest features, doing shows in europe such as The Fusion Festival in Germany , and other shows in Germany, Austria and France, not to mention his Collaboration Ep called “Terminal" with Syrian/Filipino rapper/producer Chyno; slowing down does not seem to be in his plans. 

Based in Amman, he recently started to develop his music career, and last year he led a massive campaign

Canaan El Goul


Friday 15 March 2019 

Al Ma'mal 


Canaan El Ghoul is a Palestinian oud player and composer. He presents the oud in a new modern style combining Oriental music with Electronic music and other different musical styles.

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