Mohamed Khalil’s The Mundane infiltrates the transient


June 2017

2 June to 31 August

Al-Ma’mal, New Gate, Old City of Jerusalem

Open daily from 10am to 5pm except Saturdays and Sundays

Mohammed Khalil’s The Mundane departs from all that is directly political, in the most politicised city on earth, and chooses to capture the details of daily life that pass unnoticed and bring them back to the centre of attention, inviting a world that is oblivious to such details to observe and contemplate. Khalil’s work is an invitation to all, and particularly to Palestinians to enjoy the mundane and all what gives meaning to life despite being absorbed with greater worries and concerns under occupation.

The Mundane steps unhesitatingly into the worlds of Khalil’s own imagination, where he focuses on the daily and the transient, allowing the strong rough strokes of his brush to lead him.

“Inside my studio, life is an interactive interchange between the canvas, the acrylic and myself. I don’t have pre-conceived ideas, neither do I have plans for what I want to paint. I enter the studio carrying my enthusiasm and passion with me for experiencing complete moments of art creation,” he explains, adding that “for me, I approach aesthetics in a holistic way – that is, I can see in the simplest of things something worthy of painting, whether it is a passing image that appears on television or a flower I catch sight of in a corner. I choose elements that are simple and mundane, then use them as key elements in my artistic work, nonetheless the human being remains a main subject and concern in my work.”

With their fluttering lines and vibrant colours, Khalil’s work reflects a passion for investigating the connections between space, shape and colour in a spontaneous manner. Trees get ready for the fall; dogs reveal their sharp teeth, willing to rip anything into pieces; naked women with inattentive looks, bodies seizing intimate moments; fictional characters with the head of a pig or the face of a frog wear theatrical costumes as if emerging from an Alice in Wonderland play.

Notes to Editors

Mohamed S. Khalil

Mohamed S. Khalil was born in Jordan in 1960. He completed his M.A. in Arts in 1988 in Dresden, Germany After graduation, he organised his first exhibition at Naji Al-Ali Art Gallery in Damascus, moving later to live in Nicosia. In 1994, Khalil returned back to his homeland Palestine, and has participated since in a series of local and international exhibitions. He has developed a unique artistic style that is based on both German impressionism and abstraction. He was awarded the Jury Prize at the Biennale of Alexandria in 2000.  Khalil lives in Ramallah, where he works at the Palestinian Ministry of Culture.


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