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Solo exhibition of works by late artist Nicola Saig make a return to Jerusalem

February 2018

The exhibition returns the works of the pioneering Jerusalemite artist, Nicola Saig (1863 – 1942), to his hometown after over 75 years of being hidden, revealing twelve paintings recently discovered.


Boyadgian dismantles the layers beneath ornamental tiles


March 2017

The Discord, a process of repetition and mutation of patterns echoing Palestine as a place at a juncture and subjected to repeated passage throughout history..  


Inas Halabi’s exhibition Letters to Fritz and Paul opening at Al-Ma’mal


October 2017

Inas Halabi creates an alternative narrative to that of the ethnographic museum in Basel, and raises critical questions about the role of the museum in colonialism today.


Mohammed Khalil's The Mundane Infiltrates The Transient 


May 2017

Khalil’s work brings the details of daily life that pass unnoticed back to the centre of attention inviting Palestinians to enjoy the mundane despite being absorbed with greater worries under occupation. 

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