Al Ma'mal Talks | Maia Gattás Vargas

Palestinian Heritage: Epistolary Intersection

15 July 2019

About the Talk


Maia Gattás Vargas presents her collaborative work with Fernanda Chaín on Palestinian Heritage & Identity. Through their film “Palestinian Heritage | Epistolary Intersection”, the artists, who are both descendants from immigrant Palestinian families in Latin America, explore their interpretations, analysis and feelings about their paternal bloodline and their bond with the Palestine diaspora history.


Throughout a spontaneous dialogue, they weave a conversation that reflects on the Arabic culture presence in their countries, the Palestinian political militancy, the problems of the identity construction in this context and the capricious and complex ways human memory works.

Supported by the A.M Qattan Foundation through the ‘Visual Arts: A Flourishing Field’ Project, funded by Sweden 

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