Pekka Niittyvirta, from the series Obliquity, 2014, Photograph. Copyright and courtesy the artist.

By definition, 'intensity' refers to the degree or amount of strength or force that something has. The perception of its velocity is based on the interpretations of ideas, of attention, duration, and correlations with other things or beings.


Deleuze considers intensity as a spatio-temporal dynamism and links it directly with the degree of differences. From this point of view, intensity has a connection not only with difference, but also with desire. By referring to music, he points out that intensity could be perceived at the level of 'the in-between'. Basically, in music intensity is the measurable acoustic counterpart of perceived loudness. Starting from this line of thought, the exhibition will focus on the different levels of intensity that can be detected and processed from the projects produced for the exhibition that link the observed and perceived intensities felt within Jerusalem. At the same time, the exhibition will examine the relationship between 'events' and their unsettled intensities.


The exhibition takes place at Al Ma'mal, located at the Tile Factory, which was originally founded in the old city of Jerusalem at the turn of the century and operated up to 1975, functioning as one of the two primary traditional tile-making factories in Palestine, and which was then transformed into a space for art and culture. The history of the building has been one of the anchors for the exhibition; it physically designates the starting point of the Jerusalem Show by housing works that deal directly with the city and the region.

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