Zehra Sonya

Red Clouds

Site-Specific Installation, 2014

Arab Catholic Scouts – Jerusalem

This work investigates the links between cities and personal memories as a way of reading history. Red Cloudsis based on the idea of attempting to collect untainted memories and to overlap them with the untold stories of the old city of Jerusalem. Accordingly,the artist started her work by collecting stories from her memory before asking two people who speak Arabic and English to retell her stories as their own. In this way, Şonya blends her stories with the fictive narrations of two strangers and processes these stories through semi-transparent red clouds. The stories reflect on bizarre situations as the traces of diverse memories, and show the immanent interplay between memory construction and the act of writing fiction. At the same time, the presence of 'light' in the work underlines a metaphysical approach by indicating the notion of hope and the act of healing through narrative and recollection.

Zehra Şonya

(Limassol, 1972)


Zehra Şonyagraduated from the Fine Arts Faculty of Hacettepe University with a first-class department and faculty ranking. She completed her master's degree as a research assistant and returned to Cyprus in 2001. She taught sculpture courses at the Art History and Archeology Department of Eastern Mediterranean University from 2001–2003.


Şonya is currently working on various projects dealing with visual art (archiving, cyber museum design, website design, organizing series of panels and talks, working on publications on visual arts) at EMU-Cyprus Research Centre. She is also President and Vice-President of the European-Mediterranean Art Association, a relatively new organization. At present, she is the Project Coordinator and Editor-in-Chief of the association's quarterly art journal. She received various awards at local and international exhibitions that she participated in in the past. Sonya writes frequently and has produced a number of essays on art.


Şonya lives and works in Nicosia.


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Zehra Şonya, Red Clouds, 2014. Site-specific installation.