The Palestinian Premiere of Sivas

Directed by Kaan Müjdeci, 2014

SIVAS, 2014. Film still.

Writer & Director: Kaan Müjdeci

Producer: Yasin Müjdeci

Co-Producers: Nesra Gürbüz,Çiğdem Mater

Directors Of Photography: Armin Dieroff, Martin Hogsnes Solvang

Editor: Yorgos Mavropsaridis

Art Directors: Meral Efe Yurtsever, Emre Yurtsever

Lighting: Ersin Aldemir

Sound: Samet Yilmaz

1st A.D.: Ulaş Parlakyildiz

Music & Sound Director: Cevdet Erek

Creative & Artistic Contribution: Burcu Tokatli

Line Producer: Kaan Kurbanoğlu

Color Correction: James Norman

Sound & Dialog Edit: Metin Bozkurt, Barkin Engin

Sound Design: Leandros Ntounis

Acting Coach: Kutay Sandikçi

Key Grip: Mustafa Şahin

Costume Design: Ayşe Yildiz

Make-Up: Esma Keskin Öğütmore



Establishing a bleak Anatolian village in Eastern Turkey as its setting, Sivas features the story of an eleven year old boy (Aslan) and a weathered fighting dog (Sivas) who develop a strong relationship after Aslan finds Sivas wounded in a ditch, left to die. Meanwhile, a school play of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves dominates the background as Aslan is disappointed in losing the role of the prince to Osman, his rival-in-love and son of the village head. While Osman gets ahead in the two boys' race to win the hand of Ayse, the 'princess' of the village, Aslan tries to impress her with his new-found friend. And Sivas, having found a new lease on life, wins one fight after another, strengthening Aslan's hand against Osman. However, as Sivas's success at the fighting ground attracts more attention by the village head, the roles subtly change and Aslan finds himself in an unexpected crash-course into adulthood, leaving the princess behind.


Kaan Müjdeci


Born in Ankara, Turkey, Kaan Müjdeci moved to Berlin, Germany in 2003 in order to study film directing. Instead, he first opened an illegal open-air cinema, then a bar, and finally, a fashion store. In parallel to all these ventures, Müjdeci has continued filmmaking. Among his short films, Tag der Deutschen Einheit (Day of German Unity) (2010) was bought by several TV channels; and Jerry, his thesis film at the New York Film Academy, was screened within the scope of Berlinale's Talent Campus, which he attended in 2011. Müjdeci's documentary Babalar ve Ogulları (Fathers and Sons), about dog fights in central Anatolia, served as a platform to write and direct his first feature film entitled Sivas. Shot in 2012 with production support from the Turkish Ministry of Culture, Sivas also received a post-production grant from the Istanbul Film Festival's Meetings on the Bridge in 2013. Mujdeci's debut feature film Sivas won the Special Jury Prize at the 71st Venice Film Festival in 2014.


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