Paul Devens


Site-Specific, Sound Based Installation, 2014

Centre for Jerusalem Studies - Al Quds Courtyard, Al-Ma'mal (The Tile Factory) 

Sounds go up and down, move away from you and come towards you, almost describing the axis of another space within the given space of the courtyard. Specific field recordings are being lifted out of their original spot and moment, and are implemented in a new one: the habitat of the installation. Listening becomes specific, directive and perhaps political next to its everyday manifestations we are accustomed to.


As the practice of Paul Devens is based upon the changed, re-installed, altered, shifted, manipulated and otherwise re-interpreted and represented contexts, the work at the Jerusalem Show will put the audience through a sonic experience in a different space, both architectural and associative.

Paul Devens

(1965, Maastricht)


Paul Devens studied at the ABK and the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht.

In his work, Devens manages various concepts of reality by adapting codes, formalities and identities and embedding these in different 're-invented' conditions. These adaptations often derive from aspects of an institutionalized society. This process of adapting and embedding is sublimated in different manifestations, such as time and space related installations and minimal acts, frequently with a performative quality. The output consists of installations, with sonic and architectural elements, electro-acoustic performances and video screenings.


Esthetical features often embody technological phenomena by sound processing through computers, modular and interactive software, and homemade and circuit bent instruments in combination with elaborated transformations of (sometimes existing) spaces. The installations often study the correlation between architecture and time-based media, such as sound and the way in which spatial and sonic qualities oscillate with cultural pre-constructed conceptions.


Deven's work has been installed, performed and screened at: Museum Z33, Hasselt (B), Marres, Maastricht; Ctrl_Alt_Del, Istanbul; OCA/ISP, Oslo; Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; Diapason Gallery, New York; Radio Art Festival, Tallinn, and D-0 ARK Biennial of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


He lives and works in Maastricht.


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Paul Devens, Untitled, 2014. Site-specific, sound-based installation.