The Goodness Regime is a film written and directed collaboratively by Jumana Manna and Sille Storihle. With the help of a cast of children, the film investigates the foundations of the ideology and self-image of modern Norway, from the Crusades, via the adventures of Fridtjof Nansen and the trauma of wartime occupation, to the diplomatic theatre of the Oslo Peace Accords.


The Goodness Regime was shot in Norway and Palestine, and combines children's performances with archival sound recordings, and new documentary footage filmed on location. In the course of their research, Manna and Storihle interviewed Ron Pundak, one of the Israeli architects of the Oslo back-channel talks, and Hanan Ashrawi, the former Palestine Liberation Organisation spokeswoman; the film premiered at Kunsthall Oslo exactly twenty years after the conclusion and signing of the Oslo Agreement by Israel and the P.L.O. in August and September 1993.


Jumana Manna & Sille Storihle

The Goodness Regime

Film, 21'



Al Ma'mal (The Tile Factory) 

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Jumana Manna and Sille Storihle, The Goodness Regime, 2013. Film, 21'. Al Ma'mal (The Tile Factory), installation view.