Ceren Oykut, Atlas of Interruptions, installation view at the Centre for Jerusalem Studies, Al Quds University (Hammam Al Shifa).2014

Will we then come to the realization that our thought has become afterthought, a thought across, to the other side of a lapse?

Jalal Toufic[1]


Intervals are about possibilities: they show that other orders and potentials do exist. They indicate in-between situations and sometimes a lapse with endless prospects and intensities. The unpredictability of their potential always creates a tension between an indefinite process – insignificant and ephemeral – and an expectation, which foreshadows a striking event, yet to come. But we also perceive a sense of order and time only through intervals.


Conor McGrady and Ceren Oykut participate in this chapter with their site-specific drawings, which have been directly applied to the interior walls of Hammam el-Ayn and Hammam el-Shifa. Both hammams will be subject to renovation by Al Quds University within six months: the traces of both artists and their work in these deserted venues will fade away in definite time.


Atlas of Interruptions (2014) by Ceren Oykut compromises of detailed drawings in various sizes, spread across the walls of Hammam el-Shifa. These are mundane and familiar details, extracted from daily life, indicating no information regarding time and space. Through her drawings, she discovers new lands and diverse realities while invoking the sense of trespassing. Once again a city – this time Jerusalem – is not only the setting but also the background of her obscure dreams.


On the other hand, Hammam el-Ayn, which is located across Hammam el-Shifa, Conor McGrady confronts another structure – an uninhabited hammam – with massive drawings. Conor examines architecture as a means of containment and controland this time, and in Peripheral Vision (2014), structure does not only manifest an indication of power and protection, but also an aspiration associated with healing. The work inhabits imageries and architectural indications of other overloadeded power structures, such as prisons, bunkers and military installations.


Once hosting people from all around the world, now these two hammams welcome other perspectives and journeys.



[1]Toufic, Jalal. "Afterthought by the Editor". Lapses/*2 The Book Series of Pavilion of Turkey in the 53rd International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennial.Ed. Jalal Toufic. First Vol. IKSV. Istanbul, p. 7 ISBN: 978-975-7363-78-1

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