I had been dreaming about going to Kudüs/Jerusalem. Then, one day, I was invited to participate in the Jerusalem Show, to stay there, to make a new work and even to perform. However, due to several reasons, I couldn't make it. I therefore proposed to participate in the exhibition with a work that explains and illustrates these reasons. Başak and Jack liked the idea.


Why can't I be there now? is a series of texts and drawings that document the process and the content of two new works – Faça (2014), presented in Athens, and A Room of Rhythms (2014), presented at Curva, MAXXI, in Rome – that were presented just before and during the opening of the Jerusalem Show. I have also included notes about two works to be shown at parallel events to the show: My A Golden Ruler with Two Dates, a part of Ala Younis' Museum of Manufactured Response to Absence, and Kaan Müjdeci's film Sivas (2014), for which I was director of sound and music.


Now, let's see if my absence might provide a chance for an alternative and – who knows – more direct way of sharing. 


Cevdet Erek

Why can't I be there now?

Installation with drawings, words, and sound, 2014


Al Ma'mal (The Tile Factory) 

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