Ceren Oykut

Atlas of Interruptions

Site-Specific Installation, 2014

Center for Jerusalem Studies – Al Quds University (Hammam el-Shifa)


Site-Specific Installation, 2014

Arab Catholic Scouts – Jerusalem

The persistent feeling of trespassing would not fade away. Yet, the riotous will to discover new lands and to explore different lives is always at stake. The more it becomes unreachable, the more you insist.


In the atlas of concealed lands, your voyage starts with daydreaming. Impossible lands with fictive characters and never-ending adventures shape your dreams with overlapping stories waiting to be told.  Now, the city is not only the setting, but also the background of obscure dreams.

Ceren Oykut

(1978, Istanbul)


Ceren Oykut graduated from the Painting Department at the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in 2002.


Oykut's drawings of the city focus on daily life, forming a personal map of her collected experiences. Between 2003 and 2009 she produced many multidisciplinary projects together with visual and sound artists.


Since 2004, Oykut has participated in projects and exhibitions in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, France, Poland, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Egypt, Iran and Serbia, and has had solo exhibitions in Istanbul, Köln and Maribor. Her drawings have been used in local and international publications. Oykut has also illustrated several travel books and novels.


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Ceren Oykut, from the series' Atlas of Interruptions and Carta-Magica, both 2014. Site-specific installation.