Pekka Niittyvirta, from the series Obliquity, 2014, Photograph. Copyright and courtesy the artist.

Meandering through Wadi el-Shami is like a journey in time in the midst of the complex and fragmented fabric of a 21st century 'Mega Jerusalem'. The valley is an eroded fragment of traditional Palestinian landscape, a clash of historical stratas. The contemporary city is gradually encroaching what is left of the valley and other (post)-rural territories, fracturing the territory. Scattered ruins of field houses from the Ottoman period, Qusurs or Manateers, seamlessly nestle in this terraced olive grove. They are the most visible ruins within the valley. Archived in the form of paintings, the layout of those ruins attempt to recreate the topography of traditional landscapes. The archive questions the notion of heritage, becomes a kind ironic act of preemptive archeology. The concept recreates a historical ecumene, focusing on the vernacular and the relationship to the territorialities. Created in-situ, the paintings attempt to share the experienced. The installation is like a timeless trip…


Benji Boyadgian

The Temporary Archive

Site-Specific Installation, 2014


Al Ma'mal (The Tile Factory) 

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