The Jerusalem Show VI


Rheim Alkadhi

Collective Knotting Together of Hairs (40 Kilometers of the Narrowest Margin)

2012, hair, plastic spools

A hair is an extension of the human bodily architecture.  If this bodily architecture (naturally inclined to mobility by virtue of flesh, bone, and muscle matter) is restricted in its movement along a landscape that is under military occupation, hair itself might be used to reach a desired geographical location not easily (or not at all) passable if one is Palestinian. This project took place in the village of Jama’in.  By house-to-house visits and word of mouth, village residents were invited to begin collecting hairs shed in their hairbrushes, and then they convened over the course of a month for the collective knotting together of hairs—by turns measuring and spooling—into a single strand that reaches all the way to Jerusalem, approximately 40 km (25 miles) away.

Rheim Alkadhi is a visual artist who operates in narrative and aesthetic fields by way of site-specific social intervention and by alternately investigating the qualities of solid matter. Born in 1973, she grew up as a dual citizen of Iraq and the United States, and lived much of her life in the United States. She is currently based in Amman.

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