Rachel O'Reilly

The Gas Imaginary, 2014

Gladstone Post-pastoral, 2016


Old Commercial Press

Artist, critic and poet, Rachel O’Reilly presents two series of drawings that diagram the neo-colonial nature of the unconventional gas (fracking) industry in Australia. O’Reilly studies the romance of investment images and increasingly minimal environmental policies that enable corporate governments to install extraction wells as first a speculative idea, and then a destructive reality. The drawings are annotated with poetic text fragments that dissect histories and desires hidden by industry language.


The Gas Imaginary, 2014

Rachel O’Reilly with PA/LA/CE Architects (Valle Medina and Benjamin Reynolds) & Rodrigo Hernandez. Translated by Walid Houri

The Gas Imaginary, 2014, from project The Gas Imaginary, 2011-ongoing, featuring: 1. Paternity Moderne, 2. Romantic Modelology, 3. Virtuosity of the Unconvention, 4. Horizontal Rev, 5. Citizenship Topsoil, 6. Enterprise Bargainment, 7. Flow Stoppage #Actual, 8. Flow Stoppage #Virtual, 9. New Pater Media Theory.


Gladstone Post-pastoral, 2016

from project The Gas Imaginary, 2011-ongiong, featuring: 1. Promethian Realism, 2. Torrens Title, Redacted, 3. Desktop Correctives, 4. Mystical Engineering, 5. Island Law Energies, 6. Unsettlement of Boom, 7. Othodox Value Theory (Limited Edition), 8. Postcontractual Surrealism, 9. Practice Conditions of Non-aligned Maritimes


Limited edition series of risograph prints on paper, ink, pencil, 27.9 x 31.5cm


Courtesy of the artist, Gladstone Post-pastoral commissioned by Frontier Imaginaries and produced with the support of Arts Queensland


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