Jawad Al Malhi

1. House No. 197 series, 2010 ongoing

Lightboxes, 30 x 10cm

2. The Painter, 2010

Single channel video 3’ loop (digital frame)

3. Basketball, 2010

 Single channel video 3’ loop (digital frame)

4. Barbeque, 2010

Single channel video 3’ loop (digital frame)


Shop #35

Measures of Uncertainty. Jawad Al Malhi. 2013.

Senior Palestinian artist Jawad Al Malhi contributes a series of light-boxes depicting the teeming movement and stillness of the Shu’fat refugee camp, east of Jerusalem, where he grew up and has worked on and off throughout his career. Al Malhi says:

“In this body of work, ongoing since 2007, I document the seasons, nights and days; the transformations of the landscape prompted by the necessity to accommodate a growing Palestinian refugee population. Photographed from the nearby Israeli settlement, the panoramic images reveal how the built environment has become a testimony of dislocation.” In the focused studies of The Painter, Basketball and The Barbeque, time appears monotonous, mundane and endless, while the control of space takes on a new precedence.  

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