Yasser Khanjar

Cloud Cuts, 2016



Old Commercial Press

Yasser Khanger is a poet and Assyriologist from Majdal Shams. Khanger’s contribution to the Jerusalem Show VIII—the poem Cloud Cuts—is a love dedication to a flawed and earthly world. In Khanger’s own words, it is about the wish not to be separated from reality. A book of Khanger’s poetry in translation to English will be launched as an event and project of the Jerusalem Show VIII. It will feature upon its cover an artwork by Khanger’s partner, the artist Randa Maddah.


[English Translation]

It’s not a homeland the earth if you are not involved in its clay

It’s just your broken time in waiting.

One moment that takes place from the last knife cut until the night be broken,

the way that doesn’t bite your leg is not your way.

Its sidewalk is enough just to write:

"I will not walk here again

you haven’t been a lover o my friend

if you didn’t think the cloud cuts in your heart are kisses”.

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