Al Ma’mal, 8 Al Jawalida St., New Gate

Gallery Anadiel, 20 Freres Road, New Gate

Lutheran School, Muristan Road, Old City (by Redeemer Church)

As the Jerusalem Show approaches the end of its first decade, changes are afoot: A shift from displaying art in the city to, through art, yielding knowledge about the city. The shift will allow significant self-questioning that can engage artists, audiences, and urban inhabitants alike. Start by rereading this paragraph’s opening sentences: they rely on Euclidean notions of time and space respectively. What are time and space really about? Does time always march forward and preclude with each step options that were imaginable a few moments before? Does what follows always amount to progress? Are we stuck with it by virtue of being of this time? Of time, in time, on time: these phrases make time a container holding and limiting us. And space! What could hold us more securely than space? What could limit us more decisively? Euclidean space and time are the instruments of Israeli occupation, the grounds of Palestinian fragmentation, and the means of forever postponing future wholeness.

And yet, Jerusalem has long hailed other ways of thinking about space and time. (All three major religions rooted their dreams of overcoming time and space in Jerusalem.) This edition pays tribute to the premise which forms the basis of the work and thought behind the Jerusalem Show by reclaiming that imaginative capacity. Following practices that have distilled in Palestinian art--to remember the future, to map the inaccessible, and to excavate the unburied--we mine the collections, archives, institutions accessible from the city with the goal of refusing the “given present.” We are not seeking a show that fills Jerusalem with art now and strips it later. Some of the works considered may materialize another time. Some may concretize by involving other spaces. Learning from the materiality of art and dreams, this research-based edition will question Jerusalem’s where, how, and when. It will create a time for that which has no time, and a space for that which has no space. 


The Jerusalem Show IX

Jerusalem Actual and Possible

3- 30 October 2018

Curated by Jack Persekian and Kirsten Scheid

Jshow IX Artists


Benji Boyadgian

Daoud Ghoul

Elias and Yousef Anastas

Izzeldin Bukhari

Jack Persekian

Johny Andonia

Jumana Emil Abboud

Noor Abu Arafeh 

Mirna Bamieh & Suzanne Matar

(Palestine Hosting Society)

Rauanne Abu Rahme & Basel Abbas

Yazan Khalili


Nisa Ari

Seth Anziska


Joseph Malikian


Peter Riedlinger


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