Alice Creischer

To Camille B., 2016


Al Ma'mal (The Tile Factory)

Installation view of Alice Creischer’s To Camille B., 2016. Single-channel video 24’40”, costume, A3 brochure and collage installation. Photo by Issa Freij.

To Camille B.*

In the shadow of the 2015 Euro crisis, and the economic repression of Greece in particular, German artist Alice Creisher produced a video and visual essay that considers the evaporating horizons of left-wing political aspiration. The work is inspired by an engraved shell,that was produced by one of approximately 4,000 Communards who were deported to New Caledonia following the 1871 Paris Commune. The perpetual mimed execution of Creischer’s own children—cast as communards and chained in long rows zeros—forms a humble yet sobering portrait of Europe’s lost escape route from its own imperial-capitalist destiny.

*A Frontier Imaginaries commission.

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