The Jerusalem Show


The Jerusalem Show is a major cultural event organised in the old city of Jerusalem since 2007. Encompassing art exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks, film screenings and guided tours, the Show have taken the entire Old City both as a contextual starting point and as a venue to engage with, producing works and events that reflect on the importance of Jerusalem as an artistic, cultural, political, and social urban space. Local and international artists presents their projects as part of the program.

Touring around the exhibition venues can lead you to ancient subterranean hamams or bathhouses, rooms or passageways, storefronts or cafes, old libraries, and hotel rooms and corridors, into internal and external spaces and alleyways normally hidden from the public eye. 

Following the instigation in 2012 of Qalandiya International, a biennial event and a collaborative initiative of cultural organisations across historical Palestine and beyond, the Jerusalem Show has become a biennial event as one of the exhibitions and projects produced in Qi framework.

In its English title, ‘the Jerusalem Show’ borrows from the naming of popular and longstanding American TV shows implying entertainment, fun, and clever political satire and comedy.  In contrast, the Arabic title (’Ala Abwab Al Janna), translates as ‘Outside the Gates of Heaven’, referencing the venerations that are bestowed on the city, and the dichotomies between those histories and perceptions and the realities of lived experience. These two sides of the coin have both played their part in all the Jerusalem Shows that have followed the inaugural 2007 edition.

 Past Shows:

      Curators: Jack Persekian & Kirsten Scheid


      Curator: Vivien Ziherl

      Curator: Basak Senova

      Curators: Katya García Antón & Lara Khaldi (produced in collaboration with Riwaq)

  • Jerusalem Show V:  on/off Language, 2011

      Curators: Lara Khaldi & José A. Sanchez

  • Jerusalem Show IV:  Exhaustion, 2010

      Curators: Jack Persekian & Jumana Emil Aboud

  • Jerusalem Show III: The Jerusalem Syndrome, 2009

  • Jerusalem Show II: Walks in the City, 2008

      Curator: Jack Persekian

  • Jerusalem Show I: Outside the Gates of Heaven, 2007 



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