Family Album

Bruno Fret

June 2016

Following up on "The Absentees", which explores the remains of Palestinian villages destroyed in 1948, Bruno's project "Family Album" returns life to the deserted places, evoking the faces of the women and men who might have dwelled in these now ghostly ruins. Family Album, is a photography exhibition featuring portraits of Palestinian women, men and families, an imaginary photo album of the Palestinians who are lost in exile and time, somewhere between the old photographs of yore and today's society.

Bruno Fert is a French photographer, documenting the lives of his subjects in Brooklyn, Palestine, and Kosovo. Previous exhibitions include: Mois de la Photo, Paris (2014), El Haal, Perpignan (2014), and Festival CIRCULATION, Paris (2014). He graduated from the Endsad and is a member of Picturetank. 

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