The Jerusalem Show VI


Erick Beltran 

Major System

2012, newspaper


The original editorial team of a publication that existed between the mid-1980s and the early 1990s is regathered to edit an issue of their newspaper in the future (10 years from now). In order to visualize the previously used layout of the publication and to reconstruct its conceptual model, editorial team members were interviewed on the history and events surrounding the disappeared publication, including its more technical characteristics (since no physical evidence or copies exist today). Some say that a few copies are buried in public gardens and between the walls of houses and buildings.

Erick Beltrán develops an approach combining archive, graphics, and model making, which deconstructs systems of representations to question communication tools, political implications of visual culture, and systems of translation from one language to another. Shows include La Part Abyssale, Centre d’Art Contemporain Synagogue du Delme, France, 2012; Modelling Standard (with Jorge Satorre), FormContent, London, Galería Joan Prats, Barcelona, and other venues (since 2010); and The World Explained, Troppen Museum, Amsterdam, 2011.

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