Deneth Wedaarachchige

"The delicate embroidery of a human heart onto the skin resembles a heart surgery for me. The creation process is a ritual of healing. healing of love, friendship, loss of someone, loss of land or loss of where you belong.. As human beings we have to be extremely careful not to create any damage or harm to others. This work is the story of every child, woman and man who has become a victim of conflict, war and violence in the 21st century. I dedicate this performance to every Palestinian child, woman and man. Peace, Love and Freedom".  Deneth Wedaarachchige

As part of her residency, Deneth performed at Al Ma'mal and organsied a workshop.  The performance, "Healing", involved the delicate embroidery of a human heart on skin. Titled "The Children of the Sun", an eight- day workshop, was held at the African Community Centre in Jerusalem for children between the ages of 12-17  to help the participants express themselves, expand their imaginations, and create three-dimensional artwork.

Participants: Abdalla Balallawi, Gibreen Balallawi, Mohammed Balallawi, Ali Balallawi, Masar Nokad, Fayek Habash, Mohammad Shaheen, Shaden Qous, Ibrahim Qadi, Ashraf Shaheen, and Mohammad Qous.


Deneth Wedaarachchige is a visual artist from Sri Lanka temporarily living in France. Deneth experienced the Sri Lankan civil war (1983-2009) as a child, and found that art can have a powerful impact and allow for people to share across cultures. As a visual artist, Deneth uses art to bring about small changes in people's lives by bringing them to express themselves and tell their stories through art, which in turn allows them to share their experiences with the rest of the world. Between 2004-2009 Deneth conducted workshops for children in Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and local hospitals. She also curated "The Living Canvas-Gallery without Walls", a three dimensional art installation in Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka in which performers donned installation pieces and presented them in shows. More recently she has exhibited work at the UNESCO, the Salon des Delegues, and the Gallery 59 Rivoli in Paris.


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