The Jerusalem Show VI


Bruno Munari

Supplemento al dizionario italiano

Munari’s book Supplemento al dizionario italiano was first published in 1958. Munari’s work deciphers the unspoken language of gestures, a language not found in any dictionary, and provides a little hand to anyone who has ever been at a loss for words. The book will appear unannounced in various social meeting points (local cafes and other venues) in Jerusalem and Ramallah, inciting the casual passerby to discover it and even to take it home for good.

Bruno Munari (1907-1998) was an artist and designer, whose research on games, pedagogy, and creativity had a profound impact on many fields of visual arts (painting, and sculpture), industrial and graphic design, and nonvisual arts (literature, poetry). One of the last members of the futurist generation, Munari had been the enfant terrible of Italian art and design for most of the twentieth century. One review of his influence on design noted that “it was against the active background of futurism that Munari’s artistic experiments developed, but his mechanical fantasies, practical inventions, and didactic writings continue to be enjoyed by a public that has no memory of Balla, Prampolini, and Marinetti. Munari›s 40-odd books, ranging from futurist manifestoes to design manuals to children›s books, have been widely read in many languages.”

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