'Better a man's shadow than that of a wall'

A film screening programme curated by Lisa-Marie Wollrab 

April 2017, Al Ma'mal 

Hanan Abdalla, 'In The Shadow of a Man', 2012, Film still. 

‘Better A Man’s Shadow Than That of a Wall’ is a film screening program that brought together a diverse selection of films from Palestine, Egypt, Yemen and the UAE, that explore themes of gender and feminism in Arab societies. The programme presented a series of 4 screenings throughout the month of April. 

Part 1

The first screening were dedicated to the position of women in Arab societies viewed from the general concept of marriage. Three selected films give an insight to how the traditional concept of women’s position in society was shaped and how it slowly has come to be restructured in the past years.



- 'The Fig And The Olive,' Georgina Asfour, Palestine, 2011, 19’ (Shashat production) 

- 'Om Amira', Naji Ismail, Egypt/Germany, 2015, 25’.

- 'In The Shadow of a Man', Hanan Abdalla, Egypt, 2012, 65’.


Part 2: 

Being born as a woman into a patriarchic society, includes various concepts on how women and men are understood to behave, according to pre-constructed values, norms and traditions. The selected films aim to display, how this expected behavior became part of everyday life, talking male domination, societal restrictions and sexual harassment and how the pre-constructed expectations are being reflected and deconstructed within younger generations.



- Remote Control, Dara Khader, Palestine, 2008, 6’. (Shashat production) 

- Out of Frame, Reham Al-Ghazali, Gaza City, 2012, 11’03. (Shashat production)

- 'The People’s Girls, Tinne Van Loon and Colette Ghunim, Egypt, 2016, 30’.

 This program was presented in partnership with Shashat Women Cinema 

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