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Beatrice's residency was dedicated to creating a new chain of events in Nablus, where two traditional soap factories were destroyed during the Second Intifada. The workshop was located on vacant land used as parking lot, and hosted three days workshop with children from the Old City (around100 participants guided by 20 volunteers). Children were invited to engage with a number of activities, aiming at guiding them to imagine new destinations for the place. Along side, one of the farmer women cooperative, part of the network of Slow Food Nablus, Bait Al-Karama brought local seeds that were planted to initiate a community garden. 

The concluding installation presented slides of the drawings made by the children and some self-made documentation send by the volunteers. The text on the floor (the title of the work) is made with Summac, a spice largely used in the Palestinian cuisine for its lemon taste.  

Beatrice Catanzaro is an Italian artist producing public interventions and relational based projects with a focus on social and political dynamics. Her works unfold in a range of media and creative strategies. Traveling and the possibility of weaving and juxtaposing cultural attitudes and imaginaries are crucial to her artistic practice. Beatrice has researched and produced works throughout Europe, the Middle East, and India, and has collaborated as a visiting artist with the Unidee Artists in Residency International Program at Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto. Her work has been exhibited at international venues including Manifesta7 (at the MART Museum of Rovereto), Fundavao Gulbenkian in Lisbon, and the Espai d'art Contemporani de Castello (EACC) in Spain. Beatrice completed her BA in painting at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, in Milan, and her MA in Public Art and New Art Strategies at the Bauhaus University in Weiman, Germany.


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