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Potato Talks: Kitchen Recollections

Performance by Mirna Bamieh 

March 2017,  Suq Al Dabbagha (Suq Aftimos), Christian Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem 

A public performance project staged in different cities and countries every time with a new and different theme, inviting 10 people to engage with the artist in a process to become Potato Talks storytellers.

The third edition in Jerusalem shared stories about the generation kitchen of different communities inhabiting the old city for centuries. We heard Jerusalem storytellers recalling stories that their great grandfathers brought with them from India, Uzbekistan, Chad, Sudan, Morocco, Armenia and other countries, and how they weave these stories into their current life they are experiencing in the old city of Jerusalem.

Stories are like Potatoes they come from the land, magic happens when they are brought from the closed doors of kitchens to the street, becoming the canvas for storytelling, re-calling attention to seemingly insignificant acts, celebrating the ordinary, and uncovering a new layer of interaction in the city. 

This project was generously supported by the Representative Office of Switzerland in Ramallah.

The Phases of Sound: All Options are Possible 

Music performance by Dirar Kalash

January 2017,  Al Ma'mal


Dirar Kalash works within a wide musical and sonic framework, ranging from silence to noise, where he employs different instruments and techniques in order to achieve a music that transcends the common notions of sound and music, challenging the binary and hierarchical relations which are rooted in the logics of new-old and east west. Rather, his practice takes off from approaching sound as a raw material on the one hand and as a medium on the other. Those practices are range between composition and free improvisation, depending on the varied approaches to sounds, the relations between them and the way they are employed. His works are often based on the intersections of music and sound with other scientific, social and artistic disciplines and practices, such as mathematics, architecture and visual arts.

This performance was generously supported by The Swiss Representative Office in Ramallah

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