The Jerusalem Show VI


Amjad Ghannam 

Parallel Time, installation, 2012

Photos of Palestinian prisoner Walid Doqa, wood, glass, light

Time is often measured by the consequential events in our personal life spans in a certain space. For those in prison, space is always fixed, it devours time, the days are all alike, and events are sporadic, leaving the body of the prisoner itself as the medium for measuring time. In Parallel Time, Ghannam presents photographs of a Palestinian political prisoner who has been in an Israeli prison since March 1986. The photographs, encased in a special light box designed by Ghannam, are accompanied by a text authored by the prisoner on “parallel time.” 

Born in Jerusalem in 1981, Amjad Ghannam is a self-taught artist whose work has been shown in many group exhibitions in Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, and Morocco. Ghannam’s works are mainly inspired by Arab and Palestinian concerns. As a former political prisoner he concentrates on the issue of freedom in all its forms. He has designed many Palestinian posters.

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