Alban Biaussat

"A new food culture is trying to take roots in Palestine, yet with a lot more difficulties than on the other side of the Green Line. Contrary to what some observers have reported, food is not that obvious common currency that serves to demonstrate that human coexistence is possible. On the contrary, with the entrenchment of the conflict and Israeli domination in all paths of life, reviving traditional food practices has become a matter of resistance among those Palestinians who combine agricultural skills, culinary creativity and political activism. 

For this project, I photographed a diversity of situations related to food production, distribution and consumption across the West Bank, noticing the effect of Israeli occupation everywhere. I did this using a creative process that echoes the security narrative of the Israeli occupation, and which affects perception of even the more trivial things such as food. In parallel, I asked young Palestinians from Jerusalem, Nablus, Ramallah and Gaza to document themselves some aspects of food practices in their communities, adding a much needed participatory and anthropological dimension to this project." Alban Biaussat 


Alban Biaussat received his Masters Degree in documentary photography, international relations and business studies. Alban is a freelance photographer who combines his artistic activities with a professional interest for international affairs. He has been working in various parts of the world, and notably spent 5 years in Jerusalem. He is interested in the more creative side of documentary photography to deal with complex socio-political issues and their perception. Now based in Paris, Alban juggles with different hats. Among his most recent artwork, “the Wall of Chicon-Witloof” looks at the communitarian dispute around the language border in Belgium. He is a member of Picturetank, a Paris-based cooperative photo agency and also runs Collateral Creations, an innovative audio-visual production platform, which he founded in Paris to encourage the marriage of artists and experts in order to produce creative visual and narrative content for research and/or communication purpose. 


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