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Workbook Workbook


Al-Ma'mal art workshops documentation(2002-2003).

In 2001, following the success of the first workshop in photography, we decided to diversify and expand the workshops to encompass various forms of visual art. Artists employed to design and deliver the workshops were encouraged to utilize whatever approach, medium and technique they thought would best serve the purpose and the endeavor, as well as following through Al-Ma’mal’s overall objectives. The possibilities included experimentation in drawing, painting, collage clay installation, photography, and video. Our main objective was to introduce art to children/youth and allow art’s positive energy to touch their lives; to create a conducive environment for group interaction, cooperation, mutual understanding, and tolerance. It became very evident to us in the course of the workshops we conducted that there was genuine yearning for such activities and the atmosphere they create. The new structure offered a higher level of involvement and participation, rather then have the trainees simply be passive observers. To date, we have been able to work with seven various artists in the production of ten workshops that were offered to two hundred youths ages 9-18 (mostly youths from underprivileged neighborhoods with social and economic disadvantages from Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the surrounding areas). WORKBOOK is a documentation of the art workshops that took place in 2002 and 2003. The publication was made possible with a generous grant from Tamkeen Project. Workbook copies are for sale. Feel free to contact us!
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