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photography exhibition by Hani Amra
Running until August 8th

Deconstruction/Reconstruction affirms the desire to extract oneself from the daily labor, and finds the precious time to build and rebuild a dream through art and aesthetics. This is a spontaneous work, a quest in an area that is devoid of a name, that is being lost and deformed before one's very eyes. Deconstruction/Reconstruction reflects a wandering through the political absurdity of urban areas left to become a no man's land. It is a perambulation through present time amidst a reconstructed architecture, where abandoned houses inhabited by spirits, banned, but striking by their uniqueness are found. Through the prism of a personal artistic expression and creativity, the artist refabricates in the agitation of the city, and the quietness of reflection, creations of a pharaonic ambition indeed, but ones that remain humble and respectful of the form and the place. -Hani Amra

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"Art is and should continue to be the expression of freedom, regardless of any commission or commissioner, and irrespective, in particular of any symbolic or monumental expression of power...even though place still determines and is determined by history, art shifts its borders; it experiences reality and designates new places and prospects for another history"

Denys Zacharapoulos


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